Saturday, December 30, 2006

Good Morning Mangosa

Most mornings in our house fall into a familiar routine that propels us forward into the blinding light of day. I’m a coffee person. I love (translation: am dependent upon) strong coffee, but do not have the skills to make it in the morning or the energy to get the pot ready (all but the push of a brew button) the night before. My life was changed once I discovered Nespresso, which allows me to have a strong and fast caffiene jolt with minimal energy or planning. Husband is entirely a tea man. We have a fairly large stash of tea (including Stash, not so ironically), both with and without caffiene.

There are special mornings, however, when a little extra sparkle is required. Holidays are such an occasion. Or you might need sparkle on a lazy Sunday when a late breakfast followed by a good book and a nap are the only activities on the schedule.

For such occasions, we like to make the house specialty – mangosas – like a mimosa with a twist. Mangosas must be shared with someone you love. Or they can be shared with people that you like. Mangosas will even make those people you merely tolerate seem a whole lot more interesting. No matter, they are fun, easy, and even make you a very interesting person.

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